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fullsizeoutput_4a2As we live our lives today, more and more of our experience is captured in the pictures we share with others.

Facebook has a feature where a posted picture comes back on an anniversary and you can see what you were doing a year before. This is time to reflect on what was happening then and also what has happened since.

What was your year in pictures? Which pictures would you select to represent your 2016?

This opportunity is reflection time to see what you did.
The year in pictures captures your activities.

What did you do?
Who were you with?
Which marriages did you attend?
Which funerals did you attend?
Which new babies did you hold?
Which jobs did you take?
Which jobs did you leave?
Where did you go?

But the more rich reflection on your year 2016: What is NOT in your pictures?

What did you want to do?
What were the missed opportunities? Where did you stop yourself from becoming what you wanted? What held you back?

What are the unspoken themes in the white space between the pictures on Facebook or Instagram? What did you want to do or want to become in 2016 year that is not in the photographs?

My request of you is to gather the pictures of what you did this year as if you as if were to write your own person of the year article. These pictures will show what you did and generally reflect what you accomplished.

The other side of the exercise is to think about what is not in those pictures.
What did you want to do, but did not?
What is in the white space?
What is outside of the frame?
Which self criticism got in your way?

Your year in pictures communicates the spoken and unspoken life you lead and the life that you could lead.

Next time we will talk about the pictures in your life you want to make for 2017.

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