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bring-out-bestDo you get in your own way?

Do you block your self from getting where you want to be?

Do you sabotage yourself from getting where you want to go?

Ann is a successful executive who wants to move to the next level in her career. She has read all the books and internet articles on what it takes to achieve her goals. She has written the goals down and even has the big goal on her mirror that she looks at every morning to remind herself of what she wants.

To the outside world she is doing her best to reach what she wants. But in little ways she is dragging herself away from success.

The new position calls for a short written application, and writing this piece is always on the bottom of her to do list. She never seems to have enough time at the end of the day to write out her qualifications. The task then gets rolled over to the next day and next day and next day. The deadline is approaching.

Little tasks such as changing the toner or shopping for office supplies stand in her way from talking with the people that can help her to succeed. She could easily delegate those minor duties but she tells herself “no one can do it as well as I can”.

Each day in small and big ways, she is standing in her own way of the goals and aspirations that she herself has she wants.

Her best plan, Her best effort, and even Her best self is buried deep inside herself. She knows she is blocking her success, but for whatever reason she cannot see the self-defeating mental and physical processes that hold her back.

Her best self is trapped inside and she has not given her best self permission to emerge.

Are you Ann? We can help you bring out your best self!

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