Before I received coaching from Laura at A Little Coaching, I was struggling to balance my life. I felt like I couldn't keep up with all of my responsibilities and as a result of feeling overwhelmed, I wasn't tackling anything head on. With the help of Laura, I've been tackling the different challenges in my life one at a time. Now, I not only feel more in control of my life than ever before, I have a freedom that I've never experienced, the confidence to face whatever challenges come my way, as well as the courage to start living the life I've always dreamed about. Laura is a tremendous coach, and I value the time she has spent helping me more than I can possibly express.

- Leslie J

My journey with coaching has truly transformed me. If you met the me from one year ago, you would understand why I can easily say "A Little Coaching," goes a long way! I always knew I had the ability and potential to do anything I wanted to, I just struggled with unlocking that from the depths of me and being able to tap into it. I didn't actively believe in myself. I never stepped out of my comfort zone. I let fear paralyze me and control my thoughts. I was self sabotaging and never even knew it!

I walked into coaching with no idea what it would entail, how it would work, IF it would work, and what to expect. Once I started sessions, I was able to clearly map out small and long term goals, pinpoint the obstacles that were in my way of achieving those goals, and formulate a plan that helped me keep myself accountable on a consistent basis. I've learned a lot about myself in the process. I learned that the things I considered flaws in myself could be tools used to start making changes and movement in my life. All the qualities I value and admire in others, I now know hold true for myself as well. I have grown into a more confident and whole individual. Without coaching, I strongly believe I would still be stuck in the negative mindset that was so easy for me to be consumed by. Coaching has not only helped me change my perspective and attitude toward/about myself, but I see everything I'm faced with in life differently. Obstacles have now become opportunities to learn, and the fear of "failing" is no longer holding me back from trying. I have stepped so far out of my comfort zone in all areas of my life, I have reached and surpassed the goals I originally had in mind for myself, and I am always pushing myself to set new goals. Coaching has helped me to embrace and be the person I always knew I could be. I've become my biggest fan and understand that for my journey, as long as I'm sticking true to my core values and never give up, it's either win or learn. There is no fail.

- Sophia T.

I’m amazed how much a little coaching has impacted my life.

When I first heard about Laura and life coaching I was skeptical and hesitant to make an appointment, partly because I don’t like talking about myself. However, I decided to go ahead and make that appointment. Before my first appointment I filled out a questionnaire and on my first appointment I was surprised how much information she was able to pull from those few questions! In this appointment my eyes were opened to what life coaching truly is and the impact it could have on my life. We talked about my dreams and goals that seem both possible and impossible to me. In that very first session I saw goals I wanted to achieve become realistic. I left the session thinking how coaching not only inspired me, but opened doors to so many possibilities. Because of this, I have been seeing Laura for three months now and making strides in many different aspects of my life. I feel challenged and motivated every time I see Laura and I look forward to the great accomplishments that will come from Laura’s coaching. Thank you Laura for all that you have done. You truly are a blessing!

Cassandra J.

My sessions with Mike have been incredibly instructive. His warm personality combined with his expertise allowed me to speak candidly with him. Mike's methods led first to me pinpointing both my short term and long term goals. This process was eye opening for me; sometimes life seems to move too fast for me to pay attention to both my personal and professional goals.

Once I established my goals my next step was implementing a strategy to achieve them. Mike's guidance helped me formulate small ball strategies that allowed me to focus on slowly progressing towards my goals. This helped me hold myself accountable with my everyday decision making which has led to me feeling happier and more fulfilled with my life.

If you're considering a life coach or career counsel, I highly recommend you call Mike at A Little Coaching!

Terrence F.

From what I’d heard about life coaching I thought it was only for people who found themselves in circumstances that were keeping them from moving forward to a fulfilling and prosperous life. I thought of it as a life makeover for people stuck in a rut.

But what I’ve come to realize is that life coaching can help people with specific challenges or aspects of life they are struggling with. I see where it can be useful for people who are otherwise satisfied with their life, but have a situation they are having problems finding a solution to.

I fit into the latter category. My life is good. I am very happy with my family life. I’m celebrating my 20-year wedding anniversary with an amazing trip and my kids have both graduated from high school and are working towards bright futures. I have a career that I love and find fulfilling.

However, there is an obstacle in front of me that I need to face but instead I find myself dragging my feet over it. Because of a change in my work requirements I have to return to college next spring. This is something that I would not have chosen for myself and I am moving forward grudgingly. Although I know that I can succeed, I am dreading it. I had resolved that I would put my great life on hold and jump through this necessary hoop. It is a pretty bleak notion to me.

By talking to Laura, I've come to realize that there is an alternative to my negative thinking. I now have hope that I can look at this situation in a new way and that changing my way of thinking may help face this upcoming time with optimism rather than dread.

The way I feel is that college brings this broad life of mine down to a tunnel that I know I have to pass through to get to my full life again.

Julie C.

It's amazing to see how solving one area in your life connects you to your best life. The rest of your life becomes available to you!

"The way I feel is that college brings this broad life of mine down to a tunnel that I know I have to pass through to get my full life again."