Just the facts:

  • College Sweethearts
  • Best friends for 36 years
  • Married for 31 years
  • Raised 3 (rambunctious) sons
  • Laura- Nurse, Nurse Midwife, Nurse Manager, Nursing Professor; Bible Study Fellowship Group Leader
  • Mike- Lawyer, Riverside Bar Association Mentoring Chairman

We call our business a little coaching because there is power in small focused questions. Most people have the answers inside of them. Our coaching is fun, thoughtful and productive because we shine the light on what is important to you and help guide you there. We come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences which provide a confidential and judgment-free environment for you to explore your future. We are partners in this business yet offer individualized coaching. You pick! Pick which coach you’d like to work with.

a little coaching is our second half of life career! We have fun at work. Take us along on your journey. Our dynamic coaching is both fun and thought provoking. We focus the knowledge and wisdom we’ve learned in the first half of our lives to provide powerful questions and inquiries to help you find answers for yourself.



Why do I coach?

I must use my gifts of listening, encouraging, challenging, discerning, fierce courage, and championing to bring out the best in you so that your contribution to this world is not lost. That would be devastating to me.

I am a natural listener. I connect from my heart to your heart. It’s a connection deeper than a surface conversation. Magic happens when we talk about real problems, passions, and heart matters, like an intimate connection when you’re having coffee with a good friend. Laughter, tears, and emotions matter. I’m not afraid to sit with the important feelings in your life. It’s easy for me to empathize without pitying. I hold a private, special moment for you and then champion you to your best self.

However, I am not all about hand holding. I can and will give you a swift kick in your pants!

Why? Because it pains me to see unfulfilled life possibilities. And I know you can do it!

I bring these skills to you having learned them myself. At 12 years old I learned how to maneuver around an alcoholic mother. I gained skill in seeing what I needed and how to get it. At this early age, I evolved into a goal setter and developed self-accountability. While I gained life I never got to see my mother fulfill her greatest life.

Accountability is my middle name.

Living up to your capacity, the capacity that God has set forth for your life means the world to me. Accountability is my middle name. I’m not afraid of the problem and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and tackle it with you. I am your encourager, I am your champion. I am the short text message of encouragement that comes to you at the right time.

I’m also a Christian. I believe we were created by God to be dependent on Him. My Christian beliefs are mine and I will respect your beliefs. It is up to you whether or not you’d like to invite God into our coaching.



Why do I coach?

I can’t help but to encourage people. It is my nature and the way God intended me to be in this world.

All my life I have appreciated the unappreciated and encouraged those on the fringes with no one to champion them. I have given grace to people who are stuck in their own way. I have been a positive influence to those with negative self beliefs.

My style is to think outside of the box and come up with unique and exciting perspectives to help you come up with the solutions yourself.

Call it coaching or mentoring or wisdom, the answers are there to be uncovered. I am the guide that helps you uncover the right answers for your situation. I do not solve your problem for you. The solution I would come up with pales in comparison to your imagination and ingenuity.

I have mentored young attorneys for many years and now use that knowledge to coach people from all walks of life. I have also mentored and coached my three sons to become young men who believe in themselves and use creative ideas to solve their own problems. In my youth, my family’s dysfunctional communication imposed negative self worth images which prevented me from seeking my full potential. This negative self talk was a family cycle I sought to break with my wife and children.

As Laura and I raised our boys we broke the dysfunctional patterns of our youth and sought to instill healthy images in our sons. I am keenly aware of the destructive powers of words which hurt and tear down and that is why my coaching focuses on encouragement and championing.

I am not going to tell you what to do, but I will ask you powerful questions and hold you accountable to focus on your goals and aspirations. Together, we can break the negative self talk in your head and discover what is possible.

What we do for fun!

Every morning at 5:30am you’ll find Laura at Crossfit Kindle where she is fondly known as Mama G or on other days flying a kite. Mike recently competed in the San Francisco Half Marathon.

Real World, Real issues, Making a Difference
A story from Laura

Recently, a client came to me wanting to get better with time management. Because I coach the whole person and not just to solve the problem, I empowered her to look at other areas of her life where she had feared to explore. I came along side her and we discovered that she had not grieved a certain loss in her life. The guilt she felt prevented her from grieving.

After she grieved this loss, it was amazing to see her discover what she needed to do to manage her time better. Instead of solely coaching the surface issue of time management, I helped her uncover her own solutions. She purged things in her surroundings, got serious about health related issues and is on her way to a new life. After taking steps to go through some powerful grieving, this client recognized that her lack of grieving had affected every part of her life. Powerful questions connected my heart to hers enabling her to connect the dots of her own life.

What excites me about this story is that now she can see a clearer path and she can go. She’s been unleashed!

Discovering Life Changing Opportunities
A story from Mike

I once mentored a young attorney who was questioning what she wanted to do with her career. She was bright, smart and had sailed through law school. However, when she passed the bar she had difficulty finding a position. She was not sure which way to go.

I asked her about what she would like to do even if it did not involve the law. She said that she wanted to be a party planner. She had a big family and someone was always getting married. She liked planning weddings and receptions, and she derived great joy from making things turn out successful.

I asked her what was holding her back from pursuing the wedding planning business? She said that she also liked practicing law. She especially liked making contracts and reviewing contracts. I asked her had she ever thought of reviewing contracts for the vendors in the wedding business? She had a blank look on her face and then a big smile appeared. The light went off in her head. She had a new life course. In her mind she linked her two passions. She created a niche business for herself just from the power of a few questions.

She had the answers inside of her, she just needed to approach the problems from a different angle. This is why I like coaching. I like to see the excitement in a person’s face when a new and life changing idea comes into view.