Now what do you do?

Pearl in oyster shell

You have decided the changes you want to make in your life, now what?

The world of pearls is a metaphor for when people want to make a change. A change is not usually thought about over night. It takes time to form and dwell upon. An oyster or a clam does not produce a pearl overnight. A pearl is formed when an irritant works it way into an oyster, clam or mussel.

Overtime a fluid created by the oyster is used to coat the irritant as a defense mechanism. The layering of the “nacre” over time creates a beautiful pearl. This hard work creates a thing of beauty.

What is the nagging irritant in your life that is calling to become your pearl? And what can a little coaching help you achieve in this new year?

Experience shows that people approach coaching when they want to make a change in their lives. When they want a new job, when they want a new career, when they want a new relationship, when they want to make a change.

Their lives have not been going the way they want and it is time for a change.

If this is you and you want a change, now what do you do?

Here are three steps that you can take to achieve lasting change in your life.

  1. What is the outcome you desire?

You know the change you want to make in your life. Like the pearl, you know the irritant that is in your life. You think about it often and though it may not have been verbalized, it is a constant companion in your thought life.  The key is not to dwell on the problem, but on the outcome.

What does your pearl look like? What is your finished product? What do you desire for all the hard work you will put in to make a change?

2. What is the structure to get you there?

A pearl does not become the luxurious thing of beauty without the layering of nacre. What does the layering of your transformation look like? What are the day to day changes you will make? What are the hour to hour and minute to minute changes you will make to transform irritation into a new and beautiful life for yourself?  This phase  comes from structure.

This is not the place for good intentions. This is the place to put down concrete steps for change. A coach, spouse or good friend can help you plot the course of the transformation you seek.

3. How will you be held accountable?

The pearl does not emerge without the day to day layering needed. Most of us talk a good plan to our friends and to ourselves, but when it comes time to act, we fall short. This is where a partner comes in to hold up a mirror to show us the difference of what we said we have wanted and what we have done to get there. We are held to account for what we have said we wanted.

A coach asks for the pearls of your effort.

Now is the time to create the thing of beauty your life was meant to be.


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