Girl Scout Cookies and Coaching


It is February and now time for Girl Scout cookies. Last week I saw a Mother with her two young daughters hauling a red wagon up and down our street. In the wagon was  a load of Girl Scout cookies. The little girls were probably six years old and three years old. The older girl was the Girl Scout and the younger girl was the helper.

When I went out side to purchase a box of caramel delights, the little girls did not exactly know what to do with someone purchasing. From the  fullness of the wagon, they had not made many sales. But this did not dampen their enthusiasm.

Mom stepped in and helped take the money and gave me a box. Then Mom taught the girls to say “thank you” and they went onto the next house. But not before the little helper telling me which cookie was her favorite.

I was struck by how much the smiling girls were learning on this bright Tuesday afternoon.  They had a task to accomplish and they had a plan to offer the cookies to all the neighbors. The young girls took their cues from their Mother and kept on knocking on doors.

Mom was smiling and polite and she was teaching her girls what was expected in the situation.

These are the memories that will last with them for their lifetime, Mother , Girl Scout and helper. They took pains to decorate the wagon and they stocked it with care and they were all learning the value of hard work. The three  out together working.

Mom is a true coach.

Mom is gently coaching her daughters how to act in the business world. She is holding an image of her daughters in what the little girls can be. Mom is putting them in learning situations where they will build confidence for the next phase of their lives.

These small victories of sales or just being with Mom outside on a Tuesday will play over and over again. The little girls not only learn how to deal with the public, but also how to be a Mom when it is their turn down the road. They may not get many sales this season, but they will all remember the fun of being outside on bright Tuesday afternoon all together selling cookies and laughing and learning together.

My request of you this February  is to buy a box of cookies this year from your neighborhood Girl Scouts  and support Moms coaching their daughters.

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