Who do we help?

a little coaching helps people willing to put forth time, investment and to evoke transformation.

What is a little coaching?

Our coaches champion and support you in a confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere. Through a combination of powerful questions, reflection and accountability, your coach helps you make a transformational shift.

When does a little coaching take place?

  • By appointment
  • Two or three times a month depending on your plan
  • In person or over the telephone

How does a little coaching help?

a little coaching champions you to:

  • Live according to what you value most leading to a more fulfilled life
  • Defeat the limiting thoughts
  • Take action to embrace the possibilities in your life
  • Move forward in your life
You’re not broken, you just need some coaching!

You don’t have to be completely broken to seek out a Life Coach. In fact, most people are highly functioning and leading normal, productive lives. A Life Coach is similar to an athletic coach. Are the athletes incapable? No, they are in need of strategies, confidence, and perseverance to compete in the next challenge. A Life Coach believes in you and uses motivational questions to bring out the best you. When you are at your best, you make brave choices, you make bold moves, and you dare to be amazing!

You can get “unstuck”!

Whether you feel overwhelmed or you need to jump the next hurdle, we can help you take action!

Life’s obstacles take some thoughtful maneuvering. Like a narrow, stifling tunnel, the opening at the end is not always clear. Don’t let choices fill you with dread and interfere with your next move. Your journey isn’t meant to be miserable, it’s filled with possibility!

As your Life Coach, we will help you. We will get curious and explore the opportunities together! What are the limiting or false assumptions you’re making? Where are you giving away your power? What will free you up? We will champion you and help you see new possibilities for yourself.